Banaras Sarees

The South Indian answer to the famed Banarasi Silks of Northern India, Kanjeevarams or Kanchipuram silks are definitely the pride of the wearer and the envy of onlookers.

The Northern India of course has the century old Banarasi Saree with its traditional decorative finery and extremely rich zari work in pure gold that is a necessary part of the wedding, the sangeet ceremony, the mehandi rasm, the reception and other grand occasions like parties, festivals like Deepawali, Dushhera, Holi etc

Old Pattu Saree Buyers in Kathirvedu

The evergreen Banarasi saree has always had a close connection with Bollywood and its lovely divas. The magnificent weave definitely has a story to tell with all the generations it has witnessed, while still managing to take a special spot in everyone’s heart and wardrobe. It was only recently that we witnessed the stunning bride Deepika Padukone wear a spectacular Banarasi saree for her Saraswat wedding rituals – a gift lovingly gifted by her parents. Even the veil she wore, designed by the House of Sabyasachi, was in pure Banarasi weave – and so was her glistening, golden Bengaluru reception saree (also a gift from her mum). It goes to show two things – the integral association this weave has with the South Indian culture – and also its indelible link with Bollywood and glamour world

Sarees tend to have a plain body with standard striped style borders and pallu. These are very comfortable for summers – as well as everyday work wear. Their weaving technique is similar – to quite an extent – to that of weaving silk drapes – but overall fabric yarn and zari usage make them quite pocket friendly. These sarees are extremely strong and durable – and are much loved by women across India, especially the Southern states for everyday as well as work wear. They are so easy to maintain that they remain bright and vibrant, even after multiple washes at home.

Pure Silk sarees are always a luxury and they hold a very special place in the mind and the heart of South Indian brides. These silk sarees have great color combinations which look very authentic and elegant. Not only in India, but their fame has spread all around the world.