Customers can contact us through WhatsApp and provide a picture of their saree to get the eligibility and approximate price of an old zari item. We’ll utilize this information to advise our customer of the procedure’s following steps and give them a ballpark pricing. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in getting the most value out of their priceless belongings, and we are delighted to offer advice and support throughout the procedure.

Purified zari typically has a gold or silver tint. Due of its hue, it is simple to recognize. Feel: Pure Zari has a lovely shine that reflects light but isn’t garish. It is silky, smooth, and shiny. Additionally, it will alter into various tones depending on the lighting. Tested Zari feels firmer to the touch and is less flexible than untested Zari. Quantity and quality: The amount of silver and gold in a zari piece raises its worth. Because they were less expensive in the past, older sarees typically contain a higher percentage of silver and gold. The quantity and quality of the zari used both have an impact on the value. Certification: A credible organization’s certification can also be a useful tool.Verify the Zari’s legitimacy.

There are a number of reasons you might want to think about online silk saree sales: Convenience: You don’t have to bother about transportation or finding a physical spot to sell your used silk sarees when you can sell them from the convenience of your home. Simple cost comparison When you sell your used silk saris online, it is simpler to compare costs and determine their value. improved transparency Old zari silk saree gives clients thorough information regarding the caliber and worth of their vintage silk saris, which can increase your trust in the transaction. Possibility of obtaining a higher price: You could be able to sell your used silk sarees for a higher price depending on their quality and condition.than you would using other selling techniques. Quick and simple: Our website offers clear and simple selling processes, making it quick and simple to sell used silk sarees online.

At, you can sell used or damaged pure zari products, such as saris (Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Silk Saree, Banarasi Silk Saree), blouses, dhotis, silk skirts, and tissues.

Old pattu pudavai, Old pattu dhotis, Old tissu sarees, Old gimigi sarees, Old banaras sarees, Old venkatagiri sarees, Old Salmapurini Ariya, Old Garga Sarees, Old Choli, Old Arts sarees, Old mysore tissue saree, Old tharmapuram tissue saree Old discarded sarees made of cotton, nylon, or other materialsSarees with pure silver or gold chamki work are also available, as are sarees made of banarasi silk, tissue, arni, salem, nine gajam, and mysore/KSIC silk.

The kind of zari, or gold-colored thread, used in the creation of a Kanchipuram silk saree is one of the most important aspects affecting its worth. When compared to replica zari, which is created using copper or brass instead of gold or silver wire, pure zari is far more expensive. Pure zari Kanchipuram silk sarees can therefore fetch significant prices, ranging from INR 15,000 to INR 1,000,000. To dramatically lower the cost from INR 5,000 to INR 50,000, these sarees can also be manufactured using less expensive duplicate zari.

We carry out a quality test to establish whether an item is made from pure zari or tested/imitation zari when consumers send us their used zari products for sale. If the item is found to be constructed entirely of zari and passes the test, we will give the purchaser a selling price and a quality test report. If the item is determined to be made of imitation or tested zari after failing the test, we will refund it to the purchaser at no additional cost. A product’s worth may change depending on elements like its weight and the purity of the zari it contains.We will pay a customer through their bank account or other preferred method once they have confirmed the sale of their goods.UPI.In the event that a customer sends us multiple things and one of them doesn’t pass the quality test, we will return the failed item at no extra cost to the customer’s address.